There is no need to do heavy workouts and high-intensity exercising while on HCG weight loss regimen. In fact, these kinds of workout not suggested while on phase 2 of this diet plan. It might be unsafe to do a workout at a high intensity while in phase 2 of this diet plan. It is just because the human body is already utilising a lot of calories from the accumulated fat piles within your body. Thus, it suggested that you exercise extensively on this diet as you burn an even number of calories at such a higher rate.

HCG Diet And Excercise

It can be hazardous, and if you select to do high-intensity exercises, such as cardiovascular workouts, heavy weights, high-intensity aerobics, circuit training, you need to be familiar with the fact that there is a probability that you may pass out or become dehydrated rather rapidly.  Be certain that if you select these sorts of exercise, then you watch your heart rate closely and drink lots of water.

When you are eating natural foods along with workout while on this HCG diet plan you are getting around 50% more vitamins, minerals and nutrients in comparison with non-organic food. Furthermore, organic food will aid in reducing health risks because of cancer-causing pesticides. Natural food is often fresher as it doesn’t comprise off any preservatives and should use faster. There are more than 400 pesticides that are used on the market nowadays. When utilising products that are not natural, you may be using chemical fertilisers, animal antibiotics, medications and growth hormones. A few of these synthetic products associated with congenital disabilities, cancer, heart and Alzheimer diseases.

What Suggests For HCG Diet And Workout?

So, what kind of workout suggested while on this diet plan?  Dr Simeon suggests yoga and walking.  Walking 15-20 minutes a day is one of the superlative ways to make sure you are getting the right amount of exercise while on this diet.  Be certain to drink sufficient amount of water and walk at a steady pace.  Don’t jog or run, like that considered as a high-intensity workout.

Yoga is perfect for boosting flexibility and strength.  It is also a tremendous way to make a body and mind connection and get your body back in balance, which is what this diet plan is all about.  Yoga is a superb way to gain strength and build lean muscles.  The best thing about this diet plan is that you will not drop any muscle mass, you only burn fat.  Thus, if you build up more lean muscle mass with yoga, when you reduce the weight on this diet, you will be left with a toned and tight body. Yoga can be used many times a week on human chorionic gonadotropin diet.

Exercise After The Diet

Even though there are a few restrictions on a workout on these HCG drops, once you end up with the hormones you may return to any workout.